Funil Grande

State Lavras-MG/ Perdôes-MG
River name Paraná
sub-basin name Grande
Company name CEMIG/ Companhia Vale do Rio Doce
Latitude 21°8'29"S
Longitude 45°2'17"W
Construction Period 2002
Total installed power(MW) 180
Destination of Energy PIE
Historical Maximum discharge(m3/s)
Mean discharge (m3/s)
Historical minimum discharge (m3/s)
Basin area (km2)
maximum operational water level (m)
extreme maximum water level (m)
operational water level (m)
minimum operational water level (m)
Total volume (m3)
Net volume (m3)
Length (km)
Surface area at normal condition (km2)
Downstream water level(maximum) (m)
Downstream water level(normal) (m)
Downstream water level(minimum) (m)
Height of the spillway outlet (m)
Height of the main dam (m)
Length of the main dam(m)
Vaciemiento máximo / Capacidad de descarge del vertedor (m3/s)
Número de Compuertas Total
Largo (m)
Altura (m)
Cota del tipo de ogiva
Longitud de la cresta (m)
Número de unidades instaladas
Potencial nominal (MW)
Ancho Total (m)
Largo Total (m)
Desnível (m)
Otro información
Mining company CVRD is a 51% owner of the plant with Cemig owning the balance.
Funil Grande