State Binacional
River name Paraná
sub-basin name
Company name Itaipu Binacional
Latitude 25°24'45"S 
Longitude 54°35'33"W
Construction Period 1971-1982
Total installed power(MW) 14000
Destination of Energy SP
Historical Maximum discharge(m3/s)
Mean discharge (m3/s)
Historical minimum discharge (m3/s)
Basin area (km2)
maximum operational water level (m)
extreme maximum water level (m)
operational water level (m) 220
minimum operational water level (m)
Total volume (m3) 29000000000
Net volume (m3) 102000000000(feet)
Length (km) 170
Surface area at normal condition (km2) 1350
Downstream water level(maximum) (m)
Downstream water level(normal) (m)
Downstream water level(minimum) (m)
Height of the spillway outlet (m)
Height of the main dam (m) 196
Length of the main dam(m) 7760
Vaciemiento máximo / Capacidad de descarge del vertedor (m3/s) 62200
Número de Compuertas Total
Largo (m)
Altura (m)
Cota del tipo de ogiva
Longitud de la cresta (m) 7235
Número de unidades instaladas 20
Potencial nominal (MW) 700
Tipo Francis
Ancho Total (m)
Largo Total (m)
Desnível (m)
Otro información Gravity Dam